Host A Course

 Host a Course

We provide tactical training to law enforcement, military, and vetted civilians. Below is a list of our current course offerings. 

Please use the red tab training request form below for more info about hosting at your agency, unit, local shooting facility of martial arts school in your city. 

Law Enforcement Courses

2-Day Urban Patrol Rifle Tactical Response Course

2-Day Advanced SWAT High Threat CQB (Limited Penetration Room Clearing)

2-Day High Risk SWAT Warrant Operations

2-Day Active Shooter Response (For patrol & SRO’s)

2-Day SWAT Advanced Hostage Rescue 


Military Courses

5-Day SPEC OPS High Threat CQB (Limited Penetration Room Clearing)

5-Day SPEC OPS High Risk Terrorist Warrant Operations

5-Day SPEC OPS Advanced Hostage Rescue 

2-Day SPEC OPS Plain Clothed Operations/High Threat Extraction 

Civilian Courses + Martial Arts Schools

2-Day Urban Rifle Course

2-Day Concealed Carry Course (Pistol)

2-Day Pistol or Rifle Home Defense Course

2-Day Advanced Knife Defense Seminar (Knife defense is constantly evolving. Learn the latest techniques being taught in Israel’s too CT Units the  Yamam and Mista’Aravim unit  

2-Day GunJitsu Seminar (Learn the authentic John Wick fight style and how to integrate your combative with your firearms)

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