Aaron Cohen GunJitsu Online Training Series

Geared towards professional stunt performers, hardcore martial artists, and serious self-defense instructors, learn the explosive and highly visual fighting style affectionately called 'GunJitsu'. GunJitsu was developed by spec ops vet Aaron Cohen, and made famous by the hit action franchise John Wick.  Cohen was one of Keanus instructors for the franchise - which has grossed over 700 million worldwide.  

GunJitsu is a camera performance mixed martial art that incorporates the use of vital striking, explosive throws, and extreme close quarters tactical shooting.  Designed by Cohen specifically for film, GunJitsu has many useable pieces and sequences that can be used for real world applications when performed correctly and within context.  Cohen started developing GunJitsu over ten years ago for film, and now you can train directly under him and learn how to gas up your armed fight game to Wick level performance.

In this video training series you'll learn:

  • Includes 3 courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques.
  • Includes master technique reel to train alongside for reference.
  • All GunJitsu core techniques and how to graft them into over 150 variations.
  • Blending vital strikes and throws with gun-fighting.
  • Strike speed development.
  • Proper Sequencing and pacing for maximum speed and delivery.
  • Use of pistols, sub-guns and rifles.
  • Developing sequential flow of action.
  • Which techniques work best for the street and why.
  • How to blend and borrow techniques for maximum explosiveness.
  • Proper weapon's grip, footwork and stances for maximum performance.

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