Aaron Cohen Israeli Limited Penetration Entry School


You can train all day in immediate entry, but the moment you're facing a committed terrorist or active shooter, and the rounds start flying towards you and your team (through the doorway), you won't run in.  It's not your fault.  It's not behaviorally compliant.

....Introducing Authentic Limited Penetration Room Clearing.

Limited Penetration originated in Israel and was first brought to the United States in 2000 (pre 9/11) by Aaron Cohen, a former member of Israel's plain clothed CT unit.  It was designed specifically for Israeli CT LE and Military units facing extremely high threat terrorist warrants and room clears, and is now exclusively available here with unlimited access, and one time only fee, for you and your entire agency or unit to train with.  Get on board the paradigm shift as American LE begins the systematic switch over to LimPen.  Its safer, faster and will save lives of both your officers and friendlies.   

Course Includes:

Taught exclusively by Aaron Cohen
Behavioral Science of Entry/Fact vs Fiction
Single Man Threshold Setup and engaging
2-Man Threshold and engaging
Limpen Approach
Pistol and Carbine For LimPen
45/90/45 Concept
Cover vs Concealment 
Center-fed rooms 
Corner-fed rooms 
Hallways with opposing rooms
Pressure Cooker Strategy For Extremely High Threat Clears (terrorism)
Certificates and T-Shirts Upon Successful Completion 

** Does not Include Instructor Flight/Hotel**


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